Garden Tractors

There are various types of tractors. They are differing from each other according to their size, weight, capacity, and their purpose. The garden tractor is a small and simple tractor which is used domestically. Generally, it is used to cut grass or maintain lawn. But also they are strong tractors with high horse power.

Garden tractor has two well traction tyres. One small 5 gallon fuel tank. PTO is with a hydraulic clutch.  These garden tractors have many attachments like rotary broom, cultivator, sprayer, roller, disk, dump cart, snow thrower, blade, tiller etc. You cannot attach these to garden tractor with help of PTO shaft.

If you want to buy a garden tractor, you have to consider following things like looking for good brand, selecting proper horsepower, avoiding duplicate materials. If you are purchasing a used one then check its condition.

These tractors are used to smooth out rough terrains, to prepare land for plantation in gardens; they are also used to remove snow from gardens. It helps to clean and maintain the garden; they are also used in small property for cultivation, very useful in small fields.
Garden tractors are costly nonetheless. Common man usually cannot afford this type of tractor with all attachments. It is not useful in routine field work and on large farm.

Garden tractor has PTO shaft and according survey majority farm accidents and injuries happens because of PTO shafts. So it is very important to take all safety majors to avoid accidents. Keep children away from garden tractors to prevent injuries. Always maintain the attachments and other parts of garden tractor as per manufacturers guide manual. Like this, with little safety measures you can avoid accidents at home or farm.

Thus, a garden tractor helps you to maintain your domestic garden as well as your small farm property, so if you can afford it, it is a great investment for your garden.

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