Two-wheel tractors

Generally tractor is used for farming purpose. There are many types of tractors divided as per utility of tractor. They are lawn or garden tractor, compact tractor, utility tractor, and farm tractor. Two-wheel tractor is kind of a utility tractor.

Two wheel tractors are also known as walking tractor, iron buffalo, steel buffalo, hand-tractor etc. The capacity of two wheel tractor is five horsepower to two hundred horsepower. This tractor has single self powered axle. Eighty percent weight is divided on this axle for maximum traction.  It has 6-12kW gasoline or diesel engine. It is fitted in steel cage. It has forward mounted engine, balanced by equipments attached behind the wheels. It has clutch and brakes and three gears for independent drive. This type of tractor is used for transportation in dry and unplanned framing situations thanks to its rubber tires and size. The self powered axle of this tractor can easily pull trailers, plough, can be used for cultivation and seeding etc. This two wheel tractor is used for ploughing land, transportation, land leveling, pumping water etc.

Two wheel tractors have many advantages compared to four wheel tractor. They are, we can use these tractors in unplanned and dry farming situations, two wheel tractors have big turning circle, simple design, low running cost, minimum maintenance. It is a multipurpose vehicle because of different attachments, and you can operate it in dry and wet conditions. It has simple design and mechanism.

Along with these advantages there are some disadvantages also, the cost of owning and operating, operating two wheel tractors is hectic job to the personnel but now-a-days ride on facility is also available. There are many safety issues related to two wheel tractors because it works on unplanned land. Most of the accidents happen when two wheel tractor try to cross the buds in the farm. It has single headlight so doing transportation in night is dangerous. These two wheel tractors are very popular in America, Europe and south Asia.